Established in 1955, Agricultural Services is an employee-owned company with a single goal: to help our customers raise the best crops possible. Our agronomy facilities are conveniently located in seven central Nebraska locations.

Mission Statement

Agricultural Services, Inc. is the crop production specialist providing area producers the best customer service and quality products to grow high yields.

Our Commitment

As our name implies, Agricultural Services, Inc. is a service oriented company. Our business model requires that we be the best crop production specialists in our trade areas. Agricultural Services does not merely sell crop input commodities. We sell total crop production that provides our customers the best total value for dollars spent on crop inputs

Services That Set Us Apart

Timely information can be key to managing through crop production issues. Our Field Tracker database application enables our agronomists to do just that:

  • Crop fertility recommendations tailored to individual fields
  • State of the art on-line database infrastructure that allows our agronomists access to our customers field information, from anyplace, at any time
  • Integrated field scouting modules capable of electronically relaying strategic information to our growers in a timely manner

Fields need to be observed on a regular basis. We accept that responsibility. Therein lies the value that growers have come to realize from Agricultural Services, Inc.