Timing is Critical for Applying PPO-Inhibiting Pre-emergence Residual Herbicides in Soybean

Soybean planting is about to start in Nebraska and it’s time to select pre-emergence herbicides to be applied in soybean. Protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO)-inhibiting herbicides are one of the key components of weed management in soybean. Flumioxazin, saflufenacil, and sulfentrazone are very important chemistries in PPO-inhibiting herbicides applied pre-emergence in soybean.

Soil Potassium Availability

The Roles of Manure, Irrigation and Potassium Feldspar Why do Nebraska soils tend to have high potassium (K) availability, even with high yields and often without fertilizer K application? Why are yield responses to fertilizer-K infrequent (Figure 1)? The answers lie in the K applied in manure and irrigation water, and soil mineralogy. There is […]

Considerations for Fall Fertilizer-Nitrogen Application

Low fertilizer-N costs, time availability, and generally drier soils compared with spring conditions often contribute to a preference for fall fertilizer-N application. However, when compared with spring or in-season application, fall application often results in relatively high levels of soil nitrate-N when the potential for leaching and denitrification is high.